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Oaxaca Today, January 8th, 2008.

More than a year ago there was concern about the safety in Oaxaca. This was due to the fact that there was a teacher’s strike that grew from a wage demand to a complicated struggle between strong political groups in an intense Federal Presidential election year.

Since December 2006 however, the strikers reached a deal and all has returned to normal.

The City of Oaxaca is as charming as ever with all its colors, joy and festivals. There shouldn’t be any concern about planning to visit with your family for your next holidays.

Our Semana Santa(Easter), the Rodolfo Morales, Humanitas, Music from the Earth, Guelaguetza, Day of the Dead & other festivals this year have been spectacular.

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Allow us to enchant you with the Magic of Oaxaca! Come and see for yourselves why this is one of Mexico’s jewels.

If there’s anything in which we can help you, please ask; we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

Florencio L Moreno
Academic Tours in Oaxaca

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