Graphic Arts Institute of Oaxaca

This museum was begun in 1988 by Maestro Francisco Toledo. This is another home that he bought and restored with his own efforts and finance. It has the distinctive good taste of architectural features & plants that characterize his architectural sensitivity. The museum displays traveling exhibits but also has the most complete art library in all of Oaxaca. Students and interested readers alike can consult thousands of books that he continuously adds to, giving Oaxacans access to an impressive range of reading on the arts.

In the back patio there is a store that sells all the paper sheets, booklets, folders and products that come from the Maestros natural paper factory that he has set up in the nearby village of San Agustin, Etla. There you can find paper products with designs that he and artist friends of his make to decorate books. The business is non profit as all the revenues go towards buying books for village libraries, prisons and other charitable works that the Maestro leads.

Free Entrance: Museum opens Mon to Sun 9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.