Testimonials & Reviews

Dear Florencio:
Elaine and I want to thank you again for the excellent job you did organizing our trip and guiding us in Oaxaca. It was all very professionally done, and we were impressed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge about the area. Things like the lunch with the weaving family and visit to Neveria would have been difficult to impossible to arrange by ourselves, especially from here. On our last evening in Oaxaca, we had dinner at the restaurant you recommended (Biznaga, or something close to this), and found it excellent. Very creative use was made of local foods like the local version of tasajo. Please feel free to refer potential clients to us if they want a recommendation about your service.
Devens Gust, Director,
ASU Center for Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production
Foundation Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604
The tour was superb. Everyone loved, just loved, the way you built our understanding of the indigenous and Christian cultures piece by piece starting with the first 1540 church. I don't know if you were aware, but many of the group were raised Catholic and none too happy about it. Several used the term "recovering Catholic" on our first day when we set our intentions. By the end, we had a whole new feeling and attitude and understanding of our own religion. You gave many of us back a sense of sweetness for our Catholic tradition. That was an unexpected gift.
And your introduction to the local spiritual traditions... "Oh, it was so delightful. Picked up Rosario Castellano's The Book of Lamentations in the Museum bookstore. Even in translation, it's so beautifully written. Now I'm motivated to read all those Latin American revolutionary novels. Everyone was so complimentary to you in creating and leading this trip. We all fell in love with Oaxaca. You are a superb tour guide. Your students are very lucky.
Janet Conner
Traveling through Mexico with Florencio Moreno as our guide and lecturer gave Smithsonian Associates an unparalleled experience. His breadth of knowledge and ability to engender an appreciation for all aspects of Mexican culture and history made every day a wonderful adventure. Through all of my travels all over the world, he is one of the very best leaders I have met and I hope many Smithsonian Associates will be able to experience Mexico through his eyes.
Jeanie Glock, Program Coordinator,
Smithsonian Journeys
Washington D.C.
Phone 202.786.3263
Fax 202.633.9250
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Over the past six years, Florencio Moreno has led many Santa Barbara Museum of Art tours in colonial Mexico and Oaxaca. He is an exceptional guide-lecturer as well as a spell-binding story teller, and an academic with a special interest in anthropology and folk art. Travelers are held spellbound as he recounts the legends of the past and describes the unique traditions that continue to guide village life today. We look forward to revisiting Mexico many times, always with Florencio as our leader.
Theresa Payne
Director of Special Programs
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California.
Tel 805 884 6435, Fax 805 996 6840
Craft World Tours
I would like to give the highest recommendation to Florencio Moreno and Academic Tours in Oaxaca! Florencio is extremely reliable and honest, his command as well as understanding of the English language is excellent. He is flexible and more than willing to work with people and their interests. Florencio has handled our annual group programs to Oaxaca since 2003, they are without question the BEST tours we have offered our clients in our 20 years in the business. I would not travel to Oaxaca without him! I know that some companies may offer lower prices, but I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for". We've seen it happen too many times. Florencio is extremely conscientious, he offers excellent quality, and works very hard to meet whatever special interests you might have... he tries harder. Without question, we know you will be well taken care of.
Sherry & Tom Wilson
Craft World Tours, Byron, NY 14422, USA.
tel: 585-548-2667
fax: 585-548-2821
BreakAway Tours
I have been leading tours for The Athenaeum Library in La Jolla, California for 10 years with extremely satisfied clients. There are many ingredients that combine to create a successful tour. Florencio is the catalyst. Of course, you would expect your guide to be reliable, conversant in English, and generally friendly and warm to your clients. Florencio goes way beyond this. He has an astounding passion for his culture which he shares every moment you're in his company. His knowledge is unlimited. He has delivered us to private homes where we've enjoyed special meals with artisans and their families. He's taken us to the observatory to study the stars after visiting Monte Alban. He is gracious, compassionate, and 110% available. Without him, I would never even think about taking a group to Oaxaca.
Christine Tobias
BreakAway Tours
San Diego, California