San Agustin, Etla, and the Centre for the Arts (CASA)

Recently restored, the 1883 textile hacienda founded by Jose Zorrila Trapaga was converted into the most beautiful Centre for the Arts of San Agustin (CASA). This is an outstanding contribution led by Maestro Francisco Toledo, to open a cultural opportunity for all interested in the many art workshops the center offers. Also, it brings extraordinary temporary exhibitions for all to marvel at, musical concerts at the weekends and most recently the former Pochote Cinema Club has moved here where the public can come to see cultural films for free most afternoons and special presentations on weekends.

Free Entrance Open daily from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The old hacienda's main access connected to the former hydroelectric power plant which was converted into Arte Papel as Maestro Toledo adapted old water pipes and a power plant to make this handmade paper workshop. Tree bark, plant fibers, natural-colored cotton and other natural dyes are made into first class paper products.

Visitors can walk through the paper-making area as well as the book-binding section to learn and appreciate the craftwork that goes into making these fine products. There is also a small gallery where artist friends of the Maestro give exhibitions of paper art work for all to see.