This is a tour to learn and see the valley of Oaxaca thru 3 towns which make premium Mezcal at simple but yet authentic distilleries. These are not the mezcalerias made for tourists that stop on the way to or from Mitla, there are 3 villages away from tourist traffic and where we will show both the traditional copper stills and the pre-Columbian clay still production.

Clients can taste the different agave types of Mezcal: Tovala, Espadin, Cuish, Tobaziche…etc. lunch will be included en route.

We visit San Dionisio Ocotepec, San Batazar Chichicapam &
Santa Catarina Minas.

This is far into the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca into a river region between the districts of Tlacolula & Yautepec... along the Totolapan river. This is a small village of less than 300 inhabitants where some of the finest Mezcal is produced! Where most companies buy their entire production, label it into extremely expensive boutique brands... while here it’s so cheap and delicious.

We will visit the village of San Luis del Rio and have lunch at San Jose de Gracia before returning... possibly on return visit
San Baltazar Guelavia & Santiago Matatlan.

An unforgettable experience to meet the real people,
beautiful scenery and taste premium mezcal.