Oaxacan Cultures Museum

This museum is located in the old convent of the Dominican order, next to the church of Santo Domingo. It's a beautiful renovation of the structure that dates back to the second part of the XVI century. It has the best collection of objects found in Oaxaca to appreciate the ancient, colonial, ethnic and contemporary history of this area. Its many exhibit rooms display everything from the stone era of hunters and gatherers, the first agricultural plants, early ceramics, the great treasure discovered in Tomb 7 of Monte Alban, to the recent renovation of the structure a few years ago.

Traveling exhibits are presented in the first level, and also worth visiting is the remarkable Francisco Burgoa Library which stores over 23,000 books with subjects encompassing the overall history of Oaxaca.

Entrance Fee: Open Wed to Mon from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.