Boutique Tour Company

Academic Tours Oaxaca is a boutique tour company specialiizing in quality programs, custom designed to suit individual or group interests. Our main goal is to have each traveller leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of Mexico's Cultural Heritage, Spiritual Traditions and most importantly Contemporary Community Life; for the true heart of Mexico are it's people.

Unlike standard tours, Academic Tours Oaxaca creates personalized itineraries around important archeological sites, ethnic villages, Indian markets, festivals and special celebrations (Day of the Dead, Guelaguetza, Radish Festival, Semana Santa in Antigua, Carnival in San Juan Chamula, Cocoa Festival in Comalcalco, etc), jewels of colonial architecture, shopping for great art or exploring the regions natural environment. Overnight or multiple-night programs are made to remote Indian regions as well as to large modern cities combining most of Central and Southern Mexico and Guatemala; as we share so many cultural myths, languages, natural resources, ancient history and community practices.

Full Service Company

All of our knowledgeable staff will take care of every last detail:
Academic Tours Oaxaca is run by Florencio L. Moreno, a Cultural Geography Scholar with concentrations in Colonial Iconography, Iconology and Astroarchaeology. As a member of the Astronomical Society of Oaxaca, Florencio teaches at local schools and also lectures within and outside of Mexico on Mesoamerican and Mexican Anthropology and History. He is a native of Oaxaca and fluent in English, French, Spanish and Zapotec. Mr. Moreno is also a Federal Licensed Guide from the Ministry of Tourism and applies his broad knowledge and expertise leading tours throughout the vast cultural treasures of Central, Southern Mexico and Central America; with special emphasis on Oaxaca's unique cultural heritage.