Friday Tianguis Market

Ocotlan de Morelos and San Antonino Castillo Velasco
The Ocotlan Tianguis Market is south of the valley 40 minutes from Oaxaca City off highway 175 that leads to Puerto Angel on the Pacific Coast. This is a very colorful market as it's the hometown of Rodolfo Morales (nice visit of studio, murals in the town hall and convent), also of the famous Aguilar Sisters (potters), and of Angel Swords workshop (fine cutlery). The Tianguis Market takes place between the central park and the church and colorful stands are set up with the most traditional goods from this area of the valley such as: Huaraches (ethnic leather sandals), canastas (reed baskets), colorful pottery and clay figurines and fine hand-embroidered dresses. Like all Tianguis Markets there is a special area nearby and easy to walk to where large animals are sold such as: Oxcarts, burros, bulls, cows and goats.
Link to Ocotlan Town

The San Antonino Tianguis Market is only one mile from the Ocotlan Tianguis Market. The market is smaller as most people go to the latter where all the main goods will be found.