Pochote-Xochimilco Farmers Market

The Barrio of Xochimilco is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, from the original XVI century trace of the first Colonial City of Antequera; now Oaxaca City. There are remains of the original XVI aqueduct that was built to introduce water into the city for the first settlers, as well as original multigenerational heritage of families that make muslin and cotton products on traditional looms. Covered in cobblestones and high arches that once supported the waterline, this is a charming area of the city, just north of the main square and an easy walk back through its timeless streets.

The market's goal is to make a direct connection between growers and sellers of natural products such as coffee, cocoa, lettuce and other healthy and natural agricultural products. Anyone interested in tasting, learning and purchasing directly from the producers can make contact every Friday and Saturday. Additionally, it has become a tradition that special regional dishes are prepared each morning so that locals can enjoy breakfasts and brunch there. Opened only Friday and Saturday mornings. Free Entrance.